Daisy Chain

Turn your prompts into an AI tool without learning to code.

Effortlessly connect a set of ChatGPT prompts into a reusable workflow that anyone can use.

Here's an example of a Branding Agency that built an AI tool to brainstorm great brand names.

You can use the same approach to combine ChatGPT prompts into any kind of workflow you want.

Try out some other examples...

A Pre-publishing Checklist
Paste in your blog post to get title suggestions, a feature summary, meta title, meta-description, and meta keywords for your CMS.
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Airbnb Listing Booster
This workflow will help you transform ordinary Airbnb listings and titles into eye-catching ones that target your ideal guests.
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Podcasts into Social Media Posts
Turn a piece of content into a Twitter thread with different hook suggestions, a LinkedIn post and a bunch of individual tweets.
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Design a Menu with Recipes
Put an exquisite menu together inspired by a famous chef along with each of the recipe for each of the dishes.
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Music Marketing Strategy Generator
Put together a custom marketing strategy for your music business.
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A Workflow to Suggest Workflows
We even got a workflow that gets ChatGPT to help you phrase your prompts and design workflows for anything you want.
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If you use ChatGPT a lot, you know it’s fantastic for quick answers and basic tasks. But when you use it for bigger projects or to really make a difference in your work, it becomes less helpful.

You invariably end up with a notepad somewhere with a list of prompts that you use to get specific tasks done. As the tasks get more complex and you keep adding steps to your processes, these lists of prompts get messier and harder to manage.

Daisy Chain lets you chain sequences of prompts into simple workflows. No more copy-and-pasting collections of prompts every time you need to get something done with ChatGPT. Instead, you can build reusable ChatGPT workflows for the tasks you do most often.

Turn your prompts into an AI tool without learning to code.

Effortlessly connect a set of ChatGPT prompts into a reusable workflow that anyone can use.

✨ Automate Recurring Tasks

By creating workflows for your go-to ChatGPT tasks, you can automate increasingly large chunks of routine work, boost your productivity, get more done, and free up time for the more important tasks that can’t be automated.

👥 AI Tools That Anyone Can Use

Have a great way of using ChatGPT? Turn it into a workflow. By sharing it as a workflow, even people who are not familiar with ChatGPT can start using them to see productivity improvements. Workflows help boost productivity for the whole team.

🔐 Your Prompts Stay Private.

Ever wanted to share a process with someone without giving away the exact prompts you used? With Daisy Chain AI, you have the option to share a workflow where people won’t be able to see or copy your prompts. Perfect for when you're outsourcing work or teaming up with people outside of your company.

Automate boring repetitive tasks, improve team collaboration, and boost productivity by turning your ChatGPT prompts into reusable workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a ChatGPT workflow?

Think of them as collections of prompts where the output of one prompt feeds into the next prompt. Chaining prompts together like this lets you use ChatGPT for increasingly complex tasks.

The demo video above shows how we built a template for creating brand name ideas. This usually involves stringing together several ChatGPT prompts to get a wide variety of ideas to kick off a branding name discussion. Now, the process is all handled on a single brand-name-generator page.

One of the first workflows we created was a pre-publishing checklist for all of our blog posts about how people in different industries are using ChatGPT. When we finished writing our blog posts, there were a lot of fiddly details that we needed to check to get something published: Brainstorming better titles, writing a featured snippet for the blog page, and getting all the metadata for the post. Rather than hurling a bunch of prompts into ChatGPT every time, we now have a page where we just copy in the contents of the blog posts and get all of the details we need to publish in one go. And the best part is that all these workflows are entirely editable.

We also have a catalog of example marketing workflows and SEO templates that you can try out if you are looking for ideas for ways you can use Daisy Chain.

Do I have to be a ChatGPT pro to use this?

Not at all! Our solution is designed to be user-friendly right from the start. It works straight out of the box with little to no configuration. Zero coding knowledge required.

If you're ever unsure about what templates to get started with, we've got you covered with a catalog of workflows to explore. We also have a blog packed with stories about how folks are using ChatGPT to do meaningful work in different industries.

Who's the team behind Daisy Chain AI?

We're the team that built Chirr App, one of the first Twitter thread schedulers created all the way back in 2017.

We were hesitant to integrate generative AI into Chirr App because we didn't want to make it easier for people to flood Twitter with automatically generated nonsense. Twitter threads have taken a dive in popularity over the last year, and we fear that adding AI to the mix will only make the situation worse.

That said, we understand that generative AI is going to have deep, transformative effects on our society, and we only expect those changes to accelerate in the years ahead. So we started a separate project to explore how people can use this new technology to remove the most tedious parts of their work. We want to help people capitalize on their most human qualities and focus on doing the things machines can't.

What about privacy?

We totally get why you'd ask. First off, your information is yours. We’ve designed Daisy Chain to ensure your prompts and templates stay hidden from the browser, this means they are visible only to you—unless you decide to make a workflow open-source so that other people copy and build on your prompts. If you're looking for an additional layer of privacy, you can also use your own Open AI keys so that none of your prompts get processed by us.

How much will this cost?

We're still in the testing phase, and the product will remain free while we are in beta. That said, we don't want to surprise you with a huge price tag later on. You can expect Daisy Chain to cost around $50-$100/month. But, if you join our beta testing program now and help us build the product right, we'll make sure to give you a discount when the product goes live as a thank you for helping us with valuable feedback.

Turn your prompts into an AI tool without learning to code.

Effortlessly connect a set of ChatGPT prompts into a reusable workflow that anyone can use.

Daisy Chain